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Bishop of Rome 
Province Rome
Diocese Rome
Founded 1st century
Cathedral St. John Lateran
Present bishop Pope Benedict XVI
Signature '

The Bishop of Rome is the bishop of the Holy See and is more commonly referred to as the Pope. The first Bishop of Rome to bear the title of "Pope" was Boniface III in 607, the first to assume the title of "Universal Bishop" by decree of Emperor Phocas. Earlier Bishops of Rome are customarily extended the title Pope as a courtesy, except in strict historical discourse. The title "Bishop of Rome" is also used in preference to Pope by some members of Eastern Orthodox and Protestant denominations, to reflect their rejection of papal authority over the Christian community.

Catholic tradition holds that the Bishop of Rome is the successor to the primacy of Simon Peter and thus the "Vicar of Christ" for the entire world. Early Bishops of Rome were designated vicar (representative) of Peter; the more authoritative vicar of Christ was substituted for the first time by the Roman Synod of 495 to refer to Pope Gelasius I, an originator of the doctrine of papal supremacyPetrine supremacy among Catholics— among the patriarchs.

Christ Giving the Keys to Peter, fresco by Pietro Perugino, 1481–82, commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV, Sistine Chapel, Rome: the act upon which papal authority depends

The Catholic view is founded on the verses in Matthew 16:18 and John 21:15-19. As Christ's Vicar, the Pope claims jurisdiction over the entire Christian Church and supreme authority over all matters of faith and morals. Modern Catholic doctrine concerning the Pope was authoritatively declared in the First Vatican Council (1870) in the Constitution "Pastor Aeternus".

Day to day administration of the Diocese of Rome is actually delegated by the Pope to the Cardinal Vicar.

In the Oriental Orthodox Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Bishop of Rome is accorded historical title to "first among equals" among the overseers of the church. However, by definition, no Protestant acknowledges the Papal title of "Supreme Head of the Church" or any title that gives him universal ecclesiastical authority.

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Bishop of Rome

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