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Glasgow Cathedral, seat (cathedra) of the historical bishops and archbishops of Glasgow, as it is today.

The Bishop of Glasgow was the ecclesiatical head of the Diocese of Glasgow and then, as Archbishop of Glasgow, the Archdiocese of Glasgow. The bishopric as a functional Glasgow institution originates in the period of the reign of David, Prince of the Cumrbians, but the earliest attested bishop was Michael, who may have been no more than a nominal appointee of the Archbishop of York.


[edit] List of bishops of Glasgow

The seal or signet of Jocelin, a Cistercian monk and former Abbot of Melrose, who became one of the most significant bishops of Glasgow.
Tenure Incumbent Notes
fl. 1055 x 1060MagsuenName is either a corruption of Magnus or Mac Suein. Said in York sources to have been consecrated by Cynesige, Archbishop of York.
fl. 1055 x 1060-1066Johannes ScotusSaid to have been consecrated by Cynesige; probably the John "the Scot" who later became bishop of Mecklenburg.
fl. x1114Michael
cons. x1118John
cons. 1147Herbert
el./cons. 1164Enguerrand (Ingelram)
el./conf. 1174; cons. 1175Jocelin
el. 1199Hugh de RoxburghHe died less that four months after his election. It is probable that he was not consecrated.
el. 1199; cons. 1200William de MalveisinTranslated to the higher ranking Bishopric of St Andrews in 1202.
el. 1202FlorenceWas bishop-elect for five years, but probably never received consecration, and resigned his see in 1207 to retire to Rome.
el. 1207; cons. 1208Walter
el. 1232x1233; cons. 1233William de Bondington
post. 1258x1259Nicholas de MoffatHe travelled to the Holy See to become consecrated; but he did not pay the money requested of him, and the his travel companions turned against him. He therefore returned to Scotland unconsecrated, and had to give the see to someone else.
prov./cons. 1259John de Cheyam
el. 1268Nicholas de Moffat (again)This time, Nicholas died before consecration.
el. 1270William WishartHe was translated to the higher ranking Bishopric of St Andrews before receiving consecration for Glasgow.
el. 1271; cons. 1273Robert Wishart
el. 1316x1317Stephen de DonydouerTravelled to the Holy See to receive consecration, but the Pope rejected his election under pressure from King Edward II of England; he died at Paris on his return home.
prov./cons. 1318John de EgglescliffeHe was provided and consecrated by Pope John XXII, acting in accordance with King Edward II, after rejecting the election of John de Lindesay.. As a pro-English appointee, he never took possession of the see, and was translated to the Bishopric of Down in March, 1323.
el. 1317; prov./cons. 1323John de Lindesay
el. 1335; conf./cons. 1336John Wishart
el. 1338; conf./cons. 1339William Rae
el./prov. 1367Walter Wardlaw
cons. 1387Matthew de GlendonwynIn 1391, during the Western Schism, the Roman Pope tried appoint John Framisden to the see, but it was politically unsuccessful.
prov./cons. 1408William de Lawedre
el. 1425x1426; prov. 1426; cons. 1427John Cameron
trans. 1447James Bruce
prov. 1447; cons. 1447x1448William Turnbull
prov. 1455; cons. 1456Andrew de Durisdere
prov./cons. 1474John Laing
el. 1483George de CarmichelHe was never consecrated because the Pope, Pope Sixtus IV rejected his election because he had previously reserved the see for himself.
trans./cons. 1483Robert BlackadderDuring Robert's episcopate, the Bishopric of Glasgow was elevated to the status of Archbishopric. Thereafter, Robert and his successors would bear the title "Archbishop" instead of merely "Bishop".

[edit] List of archbishops of Glasgow

Tenure Incumbent Notes
bp 1483; abp 1492Robert BlackadderDuring Robert's episcopate, the

Bishopric of Glasgow was elevated to the status of Archbishopric. Thereafter, Robert and his successors would bear the title "Archbishop" instead of merely "Bishop".

el. 1508; trans./cons. 1509James Beaton
prov. 1524; cons. 1525Gavin Dunbar
prov./cons. 1550Alexander Gordon
prov. 1551; cons. 1552James Beaton IIJames Beaton was the last Archbishop before the Scottish Reformation. Although there continued to be nominal archbishops of the see, they were no longer part of the Western Church.

[edit] Abbreviations

  • abp. = Archbishop
  • bp. = Bishop, signifying beginning or period as bishop.
  • coadj. = coadjutor, the designated successor of the bishop
  • cons. = consecrate as bishop by church authorities
  • el. = elected as bishop by the clergy
  • post. = postulated, i.e. nominated for the bishopric (i.e. by the monarch)
  • prov. = provision by the Pope
  • suc. = succeeded
  • trans. = translated to bishopric from other bishopric

[edit] References

  • Dowden, John, The Bishops of Scotland, ed. J. Maitland Thomson, (Glasgow, 1912)

[edit] See also

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Bishop of Glasgow

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