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Bibi de Vries (born march 15, 1963 in Egmond aan Zee) is a member of the Dutch liberal VVD (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie] party ("fraction") in the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament, the Tweede Kamer ("Second Chamber"). She has been a member of Parliament since 1994.

She was the vice-chairwoman of the VVD party in the Lower House from 2003 till 2006. In that year, the chairman of the Lower House VVD party, Jozias van Aartsen, stepped down because of the poor VVD election results in the 2006 Dutch municipal election. She followed his example because she felt "connected" to him. Fellow VVD Parliament member Edith Schippers succeeded her as vice-chairwoman.

In the Lower House, she is associated for her party with economical and financial affairs like pensions, unemployment, and so forth. She is chairwoman of the Lower House Commision for Government Expenses, and was part of the Srebrenica Commision, which investigated the errors made by the Dutch UN army unit regarding the Srebrenica massacre in the Bosnian Srebrenica enclave.

She has announced that she will not return to the Lower House after the elections in november, and that she will publish a book about her experiences as vice-chairwoman.

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