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</td> </tr><tr style="text-align: center;"> <th colspan="2">Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs</th> </tr><tr> <th>Preceded by</th><td>Jaap de Hoop Scheffer</td> </tr><tr> <th>Succeeded by</th><td>Incumbent</td> </tr><tr> <th>Political party</th> <td>Christen Democratisch Appèl (CDA)</td> </tr><tr> <th colspan="2"></th> </tr>
Ben Bot
Born November 21, 1937
Batavia, Indonesia

Dr. Bernard Rudolf (Ben) Bot (born November 21 1937) is the current Minister of Foreign affairs of the Netherlands.

Bot was born in Batavia, Indonesia. He studied law at and obtained his PhD. from Leiden University in Leiden, attended the Hague Academy of International Law and went to Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the USA.

He served in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1963 to 2002, including postings at the Permanent Representation of The Netherlands to the European Community from 1964 to 1970, the Netherlands embassy in Buenos Aires to 1973, and at the embassy in former East-Berlin in the DDR. In the period 1976-1982 he worked in The Netherlands for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, after which he was Deputy Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Brussels.

From 1986-1989, Bot was Ambassador of the Netherlands to Turkey. He served as Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague until 1992, when he was appointed as Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the European Union in Brussels. He held that post for an unusually long period of 10 years.

On December 3 2003, Bot succeeded current NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the second Balkenende cabinet. Bot is a member of the Christen Democratisch Appèl (CDA) party.

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