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The Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs have been:

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dates of office Death date Party
Paul-Henri Spaak 1939-1949 (+1972) BSP/PSB
Paul Van Zeeland 1949-1954 (+1973) CVP/PSC
Paul-Henri Spaak 1954-1957 (+1972) BSP/PSB
Victor Larock 1957-1958 (+1977) BSP/PSB
Pierre Wigny 1958-1961 (+1986) CVP/PSC
Paul-Henri Spaak 1961-1966 (+1972) BSP/PSB
Pierre Charles Harmel 1966-1973 CVP/PSC
Renaat Van Elslande 1973-1977 (+2000) CVP
Henri François Simonet 1977-1980 (+1996) PS
Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb 1980-1981 PSC
Léo Tindemans 1981-1989 CVP
Mark Eyskens 1989-1992 CVP
Willy Claes 1992-1994 SP
Frank Vandenbroucke 1994-1995 SP
Eric Derycke 1995-1999 SP
Louis Michel 1999-2004 PRL, MR
Karel De Gucht 2004- VLD

Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs

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