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The Beja people are an ethnic group in the Horn of Africa, found mostly in Sudan, but also in parts of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Egypt. Most of them live in the Sudanese states of River Nile, Al Qadarif and Kassala. They are nomadic.

The Beja speak Beja or To Bedawie, an Afro-Asiatic language (usually classified as Cushitic, but sometimes seen as an independent branch), but a significant number also speak Tigre, a Semitic language. The Beja contains smaller tribes, like the Ababde and Hedareb. The Beja converted to Christianity in the 6th century under the influence of the three Nubian Christian Kingdoms that flourished along the Nile for 600 years: Nobatia, Makuria, and Alodia. (Wikipedia) In the 13th century the Beja accepted Islam as the Beduin tribes spread into Sudan and swamped the Nubian de:Bedscha (Volk) es:Beja (pueblo) fr:Beja sh:Bedža

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Beja people

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