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Image:Bayswater Station Exterior.jpg
Place Queensway
Local authority Westminister
Managed by London Underground
Platforms in use 2
Annual entry/exit 6.314 million
Transport for London
Zone 1
Key dates Opened 1868
Transport for London
List of London stations: Underground | National Rail

Bayswater tube station is a London Underground station in Travelcard Zone 1 on the Circle and District lines. It is between Notting Hill Gate and Paddington.

Bayswater was opened October 1, 1868, just 5 years after the London Underground started. It was renamed several times: to Bayswater (Queen's Road) & Westbourne Grove in 1923, to Bayswater (Queen's Road) in 1933 and to Bayswater (Queensway) in 1946. The suffix was eventually dropped.

It has a single entrance which opens up to the west side of Queensway (W2) in the City of Westminster. At the southern end of Queensway is a Central line London Underground station, Queensway.

Bayswater Road is famous in English literature, including the novels of John Galsworthy, collectively known as the Forsyte Saga.

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Preceding station Underground Lines Following station
Notting Hill Gate   Circle Line   Paddington
  District Line
(Wimbledon-Edgware Road branch)
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Bayswater tube station

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