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This article is about the FIBA-recognized Philippine basketball govering body. For the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC)-recognized Philippine basketball govering body, see Pilipinas Basketball.

The Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) is the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) recognized national governing body for basketball in the Philippines. It was recognized by the FIBA in 1936.

The BAP is currently suspended by the FIBA after the Philippine Olympic Committee expelled it from the ranks of National Sports Associations, choosing instead to recognize Pilipinas Basketball. The FIBA, meanwhile, chose to recognize the BAP and instructed its leaders to sort out the issue. As a result, the Philippines national basketball team is forbidden to join FIBA-sanctioned tournaments.

The BAP is expected to be dissolved once the new basketball body has been formally formed as stated by a joint communique between the BAP and Pilipinas Basketball during the FIBA Congress in Saitama, Japan.

After 1 1/2 years at the helm, former Philippine senator and Laguna governor Joey Lina resigned as President of the said association. Senator Jinggoy Estrada, son of former Philippine President Joseph Estrada, has been named as the new BAP head.

[edit] Current basketball crisis

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In 2005, the BAP-led Cebuana-Lhuillier RP National Team lost to the Paranaque Jets, owned by city Vice Mayor and comedian Anjo Yllana in the 2005 National Basketball Conference preseason tournament. This led to calls from Philippine Olympic Committee President Jose "Peping" Cojuangco and others to improve the team.

However, disagreements became bitter in mid-2005 as both groups wanted to have their own groups represent the country to the SEABA Men's Basketball tournament in Malaysia. The BAP also replaced Quintellano "Tiny" Literal with Joey Lina as President of the basketball body. As the dispute continues, the POC expelled the association as the National Sports Association for basketball in the country.

In July 2005, FIBA suspended the country from all-FIBA sanctioned events, denying an opportunity to defend the SEABA crown, a qualifying round for the FIBA Asian Championships.

After another dispute between POC and Lina in forming Pilipinas Basketball in March 2006, both groups agreed to a joint communique to form a new cage body, later named as the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, in order to resolve the conflict.

However, resurfaced disagreements led to Lina quitting as BAP head, claiming POC's intervention in the formation of the SBP. Secretary General Graham Lim also resigned in the SBP Board.

After Lina's resignation, Philippine senator Jinggoy Estrada became the new head of the BAP. One of the first moves he tried to made was to request, in which later denied, for the padlocked BAP office at the Philippine Sports Commission building to be reopened and to convince the POC to reinstate the BAP.

[edit] Criticisms

Many basketball observers has criticized the said association for sending weak basketball teams in international competitions. It became evident when the country placed 15th out of 16th in the 2003 FIBA Asia Championships, their lowest ever finish in the tournament.

[edit] BAP Presidents


  • Lito Puyat
  • Freddie Jalasco
  • Tiny Literal (2001-2005)
  • Joey Lina (2005-2006)
  • Jinggoy Estrada (2006-Present)
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Basketball Association of the Philippines

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