Barnet General Hospital

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Barnet General Hospital
Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Hospitals Trust
Place Barnet MiddlesexGreater London, England, (UK)
Care System Public NHS
Hospital Type District General
Affiliated Med.Sch. None
Emergency Dept. Yes Accident & Emergency
Beds 445
Speciality Unknown
Founded Unknown
Website Barnet & Chase Farm Homepage
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Barnet General Hospital is a hospital in Barnet, Greater London (Middlesex), run by Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Hospitals Trust as part of the UK National Health Service.

Barnet Hospital was completely rebuilt from 1997, when the first phase from completed, until 2002, when the new hospital was completed. It was opened by HRH The Princess Royal in February 2003.

The Trust received a one star rating in 2005, and has 445 beds out of the 954 available across both hospitals.

Barnet General Hospital

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