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Barnes Rugby Football Club, a rugby union club from Barnes, is claimed by some sources to be the world's first and oldest football club in any code of football. Accounts of the date that the club was formed are contradictory: club records give 1839[1], while other accounts[2] give credit to Ebenezer Cobb Morley in 1858 or 1862. Its earliest recorded result was in November 1862 versus Richmond, played at Barn Elms. The club won that match and the replay that followed later in the year.

The club played a major role in the early years of association football being a founder member of the Football Association and in December 1863 it participated in the first ever match under association rules, again against Richmond. It also competed in the first ever FA Cup and continued to do so through to the 1878-79 competition<ref>Barnes at the Football Club History Database</ref>. The first three secretaries of the FA were members of Barnes.

Of the 'only and original' clubs forming the Football Association the Barnes Club alone has throughout the ages been an active and faithful member of The Football Association. This is a matter of historical fact, Source: "The History of The Football Association", Geoffrey Green, The Naldrett Press (1953), 91-3 Baker Street, London W.1 (p.428).

For many years the club played at the Harrodian Club before moving to its Barn Elms location in 1987.

Barnes RFC first XV has been promoted seven times since being positioned in Surrey Division Three in 1987. The first XV now play in the London Division 1 league.

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Barnes R.F.C.

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