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Central Equatoria (Arabic: الاستوائية الوسطى al-Istiwāʾiyya al-Wusṭā) is one of the 26 states of Sudan, with an area of 22,956 km². It is in the south of Sudan. Juba is the capital of the state. It was formerly named Bahr al Jabal (Arabic: بحر الجبل, River of the Mountains) and was named for the tributary of the White Nile that flows through the state. It was renamed Central Equatoria in the first Interim Legislative Assembly on 1 April 2005 under the new arrangement governing South Sudan.

Central Equatoria is divided into four counties: Terekeka, Juba, Yei, and Kajo Keji.

Other important cities of Central Equatoria are Kajo Keji, Liria, Mangalla, Rokon, Tali, Terekeka, and Yei.

Clement Wani Konga, formerly allied to the National Islamic Front government, is the governor of the state.

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