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As Sulaymaniyah
 • Coordinates
As Sulaymaniyah
 • ~° N ~° E
Population (2006)
 • Density
1,800,000 <Ref></ref>
 • /km²
~ km²
Time zone IST (UTC+3)
Main language(s) Kurdish

As Sulaymānīyah province (Arabic: محافظة السليمانية, Kurdish: Parêzgay Silêmanî) is a province of Iraq, within the Kurdistan Region. Its capital is a city of the same name, As Sulaymaniyah. Prior to 1976 it was part of the Kirkuk Governorate.

Governorates of Iraqi Kurdistan
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Arbil (Hewlêr) | Dahuk (Dihok) | As Sulaymaniyah (Slêmanî)

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