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The Armenian calendar uses the Armenian numerals. It started in AD 552 as the beginning of the Armenian era.

Dates are marked by the letters ԹՎ or the like, often with a line over, indicating "t'vin" ("in the year") followed by one to four letters of the Armenian Alphabet, each of which stands for an Armenian numeral. To translate into standard years, simply add 551 to the number. Thus, should you see an inscription reading ԹՎ ՈՀԳ, simply check the alphabet table below and see that this equals 600+70+3+551= the year 1224.

Since not all browsers can render Unicode Armenian letters, the transliteration (REArm) is given.

Armenian numerals
Armenian Transliteration Arabic
Ա A 1
Բ B 2
Գ G 3
Դ D 4
Ե E 5
Զ Z 6
Է 7
Ը Ě 8
Թ T‘ 9
Ժ Ž 10
Ի I 20
Լ L 30
Խ X 40
Ծ C 50
Կ K 60
Հ H 70
Ձ J 80
Ղ Ł 90
Ճ Č 100
Մ M 200
Յ Y 300
Ն N 400
Շ Š 500
Ո O 600
Չ Č‘ 700
Պ P 800
Ջ 900
Ռ 1000
Ս S 2000
Վ V 3000
Տ T 4000
Ր R 5000
Ց C‘ 6000
Ւ W 7000
Փ P‘ 8000
Ք K‘ 9000
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Armenian calendar

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