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Antonov ASTC

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Type State-owned company
Founded 1946-05-31
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine

<tr><th style="text-align:right; padding-right:0.75em;">Key people</th><td>Oleg Antonov, founder</td></tr><tr><th style="text-align:right; padding-right:0.75em;">Industry</th><td>Aerospace and defense</td></tr><tr><th style="text-align:right; padding-right:0.75em;">Products</th><td>Transport aircraft
Military aircraft</td></tr><tr><th style="text-align:right; padding-right:0.75em;">Website</th><td></td></tr>

Antonov, known as Antonov Aeronautical Scientific/Technical Complex (Antonov ASTC) (Ukrainian: Авіаційний науково-технічний комплекс імені Антонова, АНТК ім. Антонова) is a Ukraine-based (since 1952) aircraft manufacturing and services company (design office prefix An) with particular expertise in the field of very large aircraft construction.


[edit] History

The company is named after Oleg Antonov, its founder and head designer of An-2, An-24, An-22 and other legendary planes.

The Antonov company lacks facilities for full construction of some aircraft, a result of Soviet industrial strategy that split military production between different regions of the USSR. This distribution minimized potential war risks, and prevented Soviet republics from developing self-sufficient economies. As a result, Antonov airplanes were often constructed by aerospace companies in Kharkiv (Ukraine), Novosibirsk (Russia), and Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

[edit] Products

Antonov's airplanes range from the rugged An-2 'Colt' biplane (which itself is comparatively large for a biplane) through the Antonov An-28 reconnaissance aircraft to the massive An-124 'Condor' and An-225 'Cossack' strategic airlifters (the latter being the world's biggest aircraft in service). Whilst less famous, the An-24 'Coke', An-26 'Curl' and An-30 'Clank' series of twin turboprop, high winged, passenger transport aircraft are important for domestic air services particularly in parts of the world once led by communist governments. The An-72/An-74 'Coaler' series of small jetliners is slowly replacing that fleet and a larger An-70 freighter is under certification. The An-70 is outwardly similar to the Airbus A400M design that has yet to fly in Western Europe.
Private Antonov An-2 in the UK

Fields of commercial activity of Antonov ASTC include:

  • Aircraft construction and manufacture
  • Airfreight services (Antonov Airlines)
  • Aircraft maintenance and upgrading
  • Aerospace related engineering support
  • Operation of the Gostomel airport (Antonov Airport)
  • Trolley bus construction and manufacture (a spin-off, using existing technical expertise).

Antonov ASTC is a state-owned commercial company.

[edit] Aircraft

Aircraft Name NATO Maiden flight Remarks
A-40 Krylayaty Tank 1942 Winged tank
An-2 Kukuruznik Colt 31 August, 1947 multi-purpose, biplane, single-engine utility transport.
An-3 Colt 13 May, 1980 turboprop conversion of An-2
An-4 Colt float-equipped An-2
An-6 Meteo Colt reconnaissance aircraft based on An-2
An-8 Camp 1955 light military transport
An-10 Ukraine Cat March, 1957 medium turboprop-powered transport
An-12 Cub 16 December, 1957 military turboprop-powered transport, developed from An-10
An-14 Pchelka Clod 1958 light twin-engine transport
An-22 Antey Cock February, 1965 extremely large transport
An-24 Coke 20 October, 1959 twin-turboprop transport
An-26 Curl 1969 twin-turboprop transport, derived from An-24
An-28 Cash September, 1969 twin-turboprop light transport, developed from An-14
An-30 Clank 1967 An-24 adapted for aerial cartography
An-32 Cline 1976 twin-turboprop transport, up-engined An-26 airframe
An-38 Cash 1994 twin-turboprop light transport, stretched An-28
An-70 16 December, 1994 large transport, powered by four propfan engines, to replace An-12
An-71 Madcap 12 July, 1985 naval AWACS development of An-72
An-72 Cheburashka Coaler 31 August, 1977 STOL transport, utilizing the Coandă effect
An-74 Cheburashka Coaler 1983 civil version of An-72
An-88 AWACS project, not completed
An-124 Ruslan Condor 1982 strategic airlifter; largest aircraft ever mass produced
An-140 18 September, 1994 short-range turboprop airliner
An-148 17 December, 2004 regional jet development of An-74 with engines below wings
An-174 enlarged An-74 with engines below wings
An-180 in development medium turboprop airliner, around 175 passengers
An-218 postponed propfan- or turbofan-powered widebody airliner
An-225 Mriya Cossack 21 December, 1988 An-124 derived strategic airlifter; largest aircraft ever built

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