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Anseba Zone (Zoba Anseba)
Image:Eritrea Anseba.png
Administration type Zoba
Administrator Mohammed Saeed
Capital Keren
Population 457,078
Surface Area 23,200 km²

Anseba is an inland region of Eritrea, in the west of the country. Its capital is Keren and it has an area of about 23,000 km². It is named after the river around which the region is situated. The river begins in the central Eritrean highland plateau, in the surburbs northwest of the capital Asmara and descends northwards into the northwestern lowlands traversing the mountains of Rora Habab and Sahel before flowing out into the Red Sea in the neighbouring country of Sudan in the vicinity of the port of Suakin. Other towns in this region include Halhal. The region borders Gash-Barka to the south, the Central region to the south-east and the Northern Red Sea region to the east and north, and the nation of Sudan to the west.

The region also includes the following districts:

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Regions of Eritrea
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