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André Rouvoet
Born January 4, 1962
Hilversum, Netherlands

André Rouvoet (born January 4, 1962, Hilversum) is the political leader of the ChristenUnie, a small Dutch Christian-social political party.


[edit] Career

[edit] Career before politics

After attending Rouvoet a Protestant Christian primary school in Hilversum, Rouvoet continued at a Protestant gymnasium, specializing in humanities until 1980. In 1981 he began to study law at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, specializing in the philosophy of law. He received his master of law in 1986. During his study he became assistant to the RPF parliamentary party. He also was chairperson of the RPF branch in Hilversum and later in Maarssen.

Between 1986 and 1987 he combined working for the Foundation of Schools of Protestant Christian Children's Homes, and an assistantship at the RPF parliamentary party. After that he became an employee and later director (in 1989) of the Marnix van St. Aldegonde Foundation, the scientific foundation linked to the RPF, as such he was member of the committee on the party's election manifesto for 1989 elections. During this period he also taught political science at the Evangelical School for Journalism in Amersfoort.

[edit] Political career

In 1994 Rouvoet was heavily involved in the programmatic preparation of the election. He was editor of the party's election manifesto and the party's manifesto of principals. Rouvoet was also candidate for these elections. The RPF won considerably and Rouvoet was elected into the lower house of parliament. He immediately became secretary of the RPF political party. Rouvoet was member of the parliamentary research committee on the IRT-affair. In 1997 he was made fellow of the Marnix van Sint Aldegonde Foundation.

After 1998 elections Rouvoet became member of the presidium of the lower house of parliament. In 2000 Rouvoet published the book "Politics with a Heart. a reflection on politics and morality". In 2001 the RPF united with another Protestant-Christian party, the GPV, to become the ChristenUnie. When its parliamentary party was formed Rouvoet became secretary of the parliamentary party. After the unexpected 2002 electoral defeat, Rouvoet became political leader of the ChristenUnie. He led the ChristenUnie in the 2003 elections, which also ended in defeat. Rouvoet however did receive the 2003 Thorbecke price for eloquence and was elected "Politician of the Year 2004" by the parliamentary press.

In 2005 Rouvoet's star rose as his party, together with the LPF, Geert Wilders and the SP, were the only ones to oppose the European Constitution in the 2005 referendum, which was rejected by the Dutch voters.

Because of the small size of his parliamentary party, Rouvoet is spokesperson for Justice, Finance, Health, Antillian and European Affairs. During his period in parliament, Rouvoet has shown particular interest for the debate on values and norms, which was initiated by prime minister Balkenende.

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