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Anatoly Trofimov was a retired deputy director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) who was assassinated in April 2005 by unidentified gunmen while driving near his north Moscow home. Trofimov's wife was also in the car and later died from wounds received during the attack; their four-year-old daughter was also present but survived.

Trofimov was FSB deputy director and head of service for the Moscow region until 1997, when he was fired by Boris Yeltsin after an examination by federal accountants into "gross violations and flaws in his work". According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, Tromifov had led the investigation into an illegal slush fund operated by Yeltsin's election campaign.

In April 2006, a British MEP for London, Gerard Batten, (UKIP) told the European Parliament that Trofimov had warned defected FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko that there were many KGB agents among Italian politicians and that Romano Prodi, the centre-left Italian Prime Minister and former President of the European Commission, was "our man in Italy". According to Brussels-based newspaper the EU Reporter on 3 April 2006, "another high-level source, a former KGB operative in London, has confirmed the story".<ref>Template:Cite web</ref>

Litvinenko, who knew Trofimov personally, told the media that he believed Trofimov's killing was a political assassination, and that Trofimov had opposed both the Chechen War and the earlier appointment of Vladimir Putin as FSB chief. Litvinenko himself later died under mysterious circumstances in 2006.

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