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Amlaíb mac Iduilb (died 977) was King of Scots during the 970s.<ref>Duncan, pp. 21–22.</ref> He was the son of Idulb mac Causantín and brother of Cuilén mac Iduilb. As with his father, and perhaps his brother, his name is of Old Norse or Norse-Gael origin, in this case the Old Irish equivalent of Olaf.<ref>Amlaíb appears as Olaf in Smyth, pp. 220–221, table 4, where he is presumed to have been co-ruler with Cináed.</ref>

He is known from the notice of his death in the Annals of Tigernach,<ref>Annals of Tigernach, s.a. 977.4. See also Chronicon Scotorum, s.a. 977; Annals of Clonmacnoise, s.a. 970.</ref> which reports that he was killed by Cináed mac Maíl Coluim.<ref>The Annals of Ulster, s.a. 977, agree with the other chronicles in reporting Amlaíb's death, but call his killer Cináed mac Domnaill. Cináed mac Maíl Coluim's grandfather was named Domnall.</ref> His name is not included in any extant king lists, nor is he named as a king in 973 when Cináed met with Edgar of England at Chester,<ref>Early Sources, pp. 478–479.</ref> so that the length of his reign is unknown.<ref>There are two king lists which list a 22-year reign for Cináed rather than the 24 found in the majority, but whether this has any significance is unclear; Duncan, p. 18.</ref>

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Cináed mac Maíl Coluim
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