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Alfredo Palacio González
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Assumed office 
April 20, 2005
Vice President(s)   Alejandro Serrano
Preceded by Lucio Gutiérrez
Succeeded by Rafael Correa

Born January 22, 1939
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Political party No Party Affiliation
Spouse  ?
Image:IMG 0044.JPG
Teachers campaign outside of Palacio's presidential palace in August 2005

Luis Alfredo Palacio González (born January 22, 1939) is the former President of Ecuador. From January 15 2003 to April 20 2005 he served as vice president, after which he was appointed to the presidency when the Ecuadorian Congress removed President Lucio Gutiérrez from power following a week of growing unrest with his government.

Born in Guayaquil, Palacio is a physician by profession, specialising in cardiology. He studied in his home town and, later, at Cleveland, Ohio, doing residency at Case Western Reserve University, and St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States. He later lectured in cardiology and public health at Guayaquil University's faculty of medicine.

Palacio was chosen as Lucio Gutiérrez's running mate in the 2002 election. It was a common sight during the campaign to see Gutiérrez, dressed in his army fatigues, accompanied by Palacios, wearing surgical scrubs. Palacio had previously served as the minister for health during the administration of Sixto Durán Ballén. Many of the ministers he chose are from the Party of the Democratic Left.

One of Palacio's first proposals made as president was to hold a Constitutional Assembly to amend Ecuador's 1998 Constitution. For a period of several months prior to assuming office, he had been a critic of the Gutiérrez regime, saying that the country was "falling apart" and in need of "intensive care".

[edit] World Health Organization

Palacio was one of the candidates for the position of director-general of the World Health Organization, to be decided in a vote on 9 November 2006. However, on 18 October 2006, he announced he would not be pursuing the position, preferring to concentrate on his presidency until the very last day of his mandate.[1]

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Preceded by:
Lucio Gutiérrez
President of Ecuador
Succeeded by:
Rafael Correa
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Alfredo Palacio

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