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In Greek mythology, Alcinous Greek Ἀλκίνοος (sometimes with the diacritical mark Alcinoüs; also transliterated as Alkínoös) was a son of Nausithous and father of Nausicaa and Laodamas with Arete. His name literally means "Mighty mind."

He was King of the Phaeacians on Scheria (modern Corfu) and welcomed both Odysseus who had been shipwrecked on his shore and the Argonauts. Much of the Odyssey is Odysseus telling of his adventures to King Alcinous.

After Alcinous granted safe passage for Odysseus back to Ithaca, Poseidon wrapped the city with a mountain mass.

His palace was guarded by golden dogs who never slept, constructed by Hephaestus.

Homer's description of the Garden of Alcinous, from the Odyssey, is one of the oldest textual descriptions of a garden.

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