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Al Khawr
Image:Qatar-Al Khawr.png
 • Coordinates
Al Khawr
 • 25.69° N 51.51° E
 • Density
31,547 (2004)
 • 31/km²
 • Districts
996 km² 
 • N/A
ISO 3166-2 code QA

Al Khawr (Arabic: الخور) is a municipality of Qatar. AlKhour in Arabic means sea surrounded by land from three sides. Al-Khour city is located in the NE coast of Qatar, around 50km from the capital, Doha. Al Khour was ruled by the Al-Thani tribe before the independence of Qatar in 1971 and still is. It is believed that the almohanadi tribe who live in alkhor was formed in the late 19th century and it consists of 7 bedouin and persian families. Nowadays, the majority of Al-Khour citizens are from that tribe. As for the tourism aspect, the town is known with Al-Sultan beach hotel & resort, a palace that turned into a hotel, and for its large concentration of modern and historical mosques. The main industry of the city is fishing.

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Al Khawr

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