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The Egyptian Air Defenses Academy (Arabic: كلية الدفاع الجوى), is the country's scientific military college aimed to supply the army with its need of the professional engineers. It was established in 1974. Graduates of the Air Defenses Academy get commissioned as officers in the Egyptian Air Defense Command .

Its director is Maj. Gen. Yehia Abd-elgawwad Alshazely.


[edit] Historical Background

During the 1973 war, the Air Defence forces have provided effective air protection for the armed forces formations and the nation's vital targets in different phases which enabled them to perform their mission in the best combat circumstances to face the hostile enemy air forces equipped with the up-to-date equipments.
The combat studies of the Air Defence forces have proved of great importance in preparing military persons to accomplish the ideal usage of different air Defence elements in an outstanding way. Hence, the necessity of establishing a specialized air Defence college became confirmed to graduate officers who are capable of operating and maintaining the most complicated and highly advanced air Defence equipments.
As a result, the Air Defence College was established on the July 2, 1974.

The study in the college began on the April 1, 1974 for a period of-27-months.
Orders were issued on the July 1, 1978 to develop education in the military colleges to be four educational years including university studies in addition to military sciences.
The studies concerning the development have agreed on engineering studies for Air Defence College.To suit and serve the air Defence specialization in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.
The developed education system started in 1978.

Today, Cadets joining the Air defense college, study for four years and graduate as a second lieutenant with a bachelor degree of air Defence science, continuing his-study for the fifth year and getting a branch of engineering in communication and electronics.

[edit] Academic Objectives

Preparing a qualified scientifically militant officer, capable of commanding a sub unit effectively with high physical fitness as well as his capability of dealing with the high technology Air Defence weapons to keep up with the modern airwar methods.

Upon Graduation;

  • Bachelor degree of Air Defense sciences after the completion of the fourth educational year.
  • Bachelor degree of Engineering in communications and Electronics section after the completion of the fifth educational year.

[edit] Ogranization

The college is divided into four main sections:

  • The first section

The college administration which is responsible for training, planning and following up under the supervision of the college commandant.

  • The Second Section

It includes the following educational branches

    • Engineering Science branch

Is equipped with modern laboratories that serve the Engineering study and allow the cadets to do the engineering experiments with the rate of 4 cadets for each experiment.

    • Air Defence specialize branches

Cadets receive an academic and practical training on the Air Defence Equipment in these branches.

    • General Training branch

It is responsible for adapting cadets to military life and teaching them military sciences.

  • The third section

It is responsible for the college logistics and providing it with its administrative needs.

  • The fourth section

It contains the cadet brigade formation that is responsible for cadets discipline and providing their needs.

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