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Centuries: 9th century BC - 8th century BC - 7th century BC
Decades: 790s BC 780s 770s 760s 750s 740s 730s 720s 710s 700s BC

(2nd millennium BC - 1st millennium BC - 1st millennium)

[edit] Events and trends

Image:Palestra at Olympia.jpg
Ruins of the training grounds at Olympia, Greece. The Ancient Olympic Games were held there from at least 776 BC to 393 AD
Image:She-wolf suckles Romulus and Remus.jpg
The ancient bronze Capitoline Wolf suckles the infant twins Romulus and Remus, the twins added in the 16th century. They were the legendary founder of Rome
Image:Sargon II and dignitary.jpg
Sargon II, King of Assyria and conqueror of the Kingdom of Israel, depicted here with a dignitary

[edit] Significant persons

[edit] Inventions, discoveries, introductions

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af:8ste eeu v.C.

bg:8 век пр.н.е. ca:Segle VIII aC cs:8. století př. n. l. da:8. århundrede f.Kr. de:8. Jahrhundert v. Chr. el:8ος αιώνας π.Χ. es:Siglo VIII adC eo:8-a jarcento a.K. eu:K. a. VIII. mendea fr:VIIIe siècle av. J.-C. ko:기원전 8세기 hr:8. stoljeće p.n.e. io:8ma yar-cento aK it:VIII secolo a.C. he:המאה ה-8 לפנה"ס ka:ძვ. წ. VIII საუკუნე lb:8. Joerhonnert v. Chr. hu:I. e. 8. század nl:8e eeuw v. Chr. ja:紀元前8世紀 no:8. århundre f.Kr. pl:VIII wiek p.n.e. pt:Século VIII a.C. ro:Secolul al VIII-lea î.Hr. ru:VIII век до н. э. scn:Sèculu VIII a.C. sk:8. storočie pred Kr. sl:8. stoletje pr. n. št. sr:8. век пне. fi:700-luku eaa. sv:700-talet f.Kr. tl:Ika-8 siglo BC tt:MA 8. yöz zh:前8世纪

8th century BC

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