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Centuries: 8th century BC - 7th century BC - 6th century BC
Decades: 690s BC 680s 670s 660s 650s 640s 630s 620s 610s 600s BC

(2nd millennium BC - 1st millennium BC - 1st millennium)

The 7th century BC started on January 1, 700 BC and ended on December 31, 601 BC.


[edit] Overview

[edit] Events

Ashurbanipal, king of Assyria who created the "the first systematically collected library" at Nineveh
Image:Hanging Gardens of Babylon.jpg
A 16th century depiction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Martin Heemskerck). You can see the Tower of Babel in the background.

[edit] Significant persons

[edit] Inventions, discoveries, introductions

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660s BC 669 BC 668 BC 667 BC 666 BC 665 BC 664 BC 663 BC 662 BC 661 BC 660 BC
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af:7de eeu v.C.

az:VII əsr İƏ bg:7 век пр.н.е. ca:Segle VII aC cs:7. století př. n. l. da:7. århundrede f.Kr. de:7. Jahrhundert v. Chr. et:7. sajand eKr el:7ος αιώνας π.Χ. es:Siglo VII adC eo:7-a jarcento a.K. eu:K. a. VII. mendea fr:VIIe siècle av. J.-C. gl:Século VII adC ko:기원전 7세기 hr:7. stoljeće p.n.e. io:7ma yar-cento aK id:Abad ke-7 SM is:7. öldin f.Kr. it:VII secolo a.C. he:המאה ה-7 לפנה"ס ka:ძვ. წ. VII საუკუნე la:Saeculum 7 a.C.n. lb:7. Joerhonnert v. Chr. lt:VII amžius pr. m. e. li:Zevende iew v. Chr. hu:I. e. 7. század nl:7e eeuw v. Chr. ja:紀元前7世紀 no:7. århundre f.Kr. nn:600-talet fvt. pl:VII wiek p.n.e. pt:Século VII a.C. ro:Secolul al VII-lea î.Hr. ru:VII век до н. э. scn:Sèculu VII a.C. sk:7. storočie pred Kr. sl:7. stoletje pr. n. št. sr:7. век пне. fi:600-luku eaa. sv:600-talet f.Kr. tl:Ika-7 siglo BC tt:MA 7. yöz uk:7 століття до Р.Х. zh:前7世纪

7th century BC

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