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Centuries: 6th century BC - 5th century BC - 4th century BC
Decades: 490s BC 480s 470s 460s 450s 440s 430s 420s 410s 400s BC

(2nd millennium BC - 1st millennium BC - 1st millennium)

The 5th century BC started on January 1, 500 BC and ended on December 31, 401 BC.


[edit] Overview

The Parthenon of Athens seen from the hill of the Pnyx to the west. Location 23°43'35.69"E 37°58'17.39"N

The 5th and 4th centuries BC are a period of philosophical brilliance among advanced civilizations, particularly the Greeks. Ancient Greek philosophy develops during the 5th century BC, setting the foundation for Western ideology. In Athens and elsewhere in the Mediterranean world, the 5th century marks a high point in the development of political institutions, art, architecture, and literature.

[edit] Events

[edit] 490s BC

[edit] 480s BC

[edit] 470s BC

[edit] 460s BC

[edit] 450s BC

[edit] 440s BC

[edit] 430s BC

[edit] 420s BC

[edit] Significant persons

Standing Buddha, ancient region of Gandhara, northern Pakistan, 1st century CE, Musée Guimet.

[edit] Inventions, discoveries, introductions

  • Cast iron is first used in Wu.
  • The Greeks invent the Anchor with flukes.
  • The Greeks start to use shear-leg cranes for construction and loading of ships.
  • The Greeks invent linear perspective.
  • The Greeks develop an indirect lost wax process for casting bronze.

[edit] Decades and years

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af:5de eeu v.C.

bg:5 век пр.н.е. ca:Segle V aC cs:5. století př. n. l. da:5. århundrede f.Kr. de:5. Jahrhundert v. Chr. el:5ος αιώνας π.Χ. es:Siglo V adC eo:5-a jarcento a.K. eu:K. a. V. mendea fr:Ve siècle av. J.-C. ko:기원전 5세기 hr:5. stoljeće p.n.e. io:5ma yar-cento aK it:V secolo a.C. he:המאה ה-5 לפנה"ס ka:ძვ. წ. V საუკუნე lb:5. Joerhonnert v. Chr. hu:I. e. 5. század nl:5e eeuw v. Chr. ja:紀元前5世紀 no:5. århundre f.Kr. nn:400-talet fvt. pl:V wiek p.n.e. pt:Século V a.C. ru:V век до н. э. scn:Sèculu V a.C. sk:5. storočie pred Kr. sl:5. stoletje pr. n. št. sr:5. век пне. fi:400-luku eaa. sv:400-talet f.Kr. tl:Ika-5 siglo BC tt:MA 5. yöz uk:5 століття до Р.Х. zh:前5世纪

5th century BC

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