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Millennium: 7th millennium BC - 6th millennium BC - 5th millennium BC

During the 6th millennium BC, agriculture spreads from the Balkans to Italy and Eastern Europe and from Mesopotamia to Egypt. World population is essentially stable at ca. 5 million people.


[edit] Events

[edit] Environmental changes

[edit] Inventions, discoveries, introductions

  • c. 6000 BC - Cycladic people started to use a coarse, poor-quality local clay to make a variety of objects.
  • Agriculture appears in the valley of the Nile.
  • Rice cultivated in Asia.
  • Plough invented.
  • Bricks are created for the first time in Persia.
  • Wine is created for the first time in Persia.
  • Artifacts of stone were supplemented by those of metal, and the crafts of basketry, pottery, weaving (Africa).
  • Dead were buried in a fetal position, surrounded by the burial offerings and artifacts, facing west (Africa).
  • Decorated, black-topped clay pots and vases; bone and ivory combs, figurines, and tableware, are found in great numbers (Africa).
  • Jewelry of all types and materials (Africa).
  • Objects began to be made not only with a function, but also with an aesthetic value. (Africa)
  • Organized, permanent settlements focused around agriculture. (Africa)

[edit] Cultural landmarks

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