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Millennium: 2nd millennium BC - 1st millennium BC - 1st millennium

The 1st millennium BC encompasses the Iron Age and sees the rise of successive empires. The Neo-Assyrian Empire, followed by the Achaemenids. In Greece, Classical Antiquity begins with the colonization of Magna Graecia and peaks with the rise of Hellenism. The close of the millennium sees the rise of the Roman Empire. In South Asia, the Vedic civilization blends into the Maurya Empire. The early Celts dominate Central Europe while Northern Europe is in the Pre-Roman Iron Age. The Scythians dominate Central Asia. In China, Spring and Autumn Period sees the rise of Confucianism. Towards the close of the millennium, the Han Dynasty extends Chinese power towards Central Asia, where it borders on Indo-Greek and Iranian states. The Maya civilization rises in Central America, while in Africa, Ancient Egypt begins its decline and Ethiopian civilization its rise. The religions of Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism (Vedic religion and Vedanta), Jainism and Buddhism develop. Graeco-Roman Europe, India and China see the rise of literature. World population greatly increases in the course of the millennium, reaching some 170 to 400 million people at its close depending on the estimates used.


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Template:Millennia BCbr:Iañ milved kt JK bg:1 хилядолетие пр.н.е. ca:Mil·lenni I aC da:1. årtusinde f.Kr. de:1. Jahrtausend v. Chr. et:1. aastatuhat eKr el:1η χιλιετία π.Χ. es:I milenio adC eu:K. a. 1. milurtekoa fa:هزاره ۱ (پیش از میلاد) fr:Ier millénaire av. J.-C. gd:1mh mìle-bliadhna RC it:I millennio a.C. he:האלף ה-1 לפנה"ס ka:ძვ. წ. I ათასწლეული lb:1. Joerdausend v. Chr. lt:1 tūkstantmetis pr. m. e. hu:I. e. 1. évezred nl:1e millennium v. Chr. ja:紀元前1千年紀 no:1. årtusen f.Kr. pl:I tysiąclecie p.n.e. pt:Primeiro milénio a.C. ksh:Eetßte Johdousend füür ro:Mileniul I î.Hr. ru:1 тысячелетие до н. э. sl:1. tisočletje pr. n. št. sv:0000-talet f.Kr. (millennium) tl:Unang milenyo BC ta:கிமு 1வது ஆயிரவாண்டு tt:MA 1. meñyıllıq vi:Thiên niên kỷ 1 TCN zh:前1千年

1st millennium BC

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