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VII Asian Games

Slogan: "'"

Nations participating 25
Athletes participating 3010
Events 16 sports
Opening ceremony September 1, 1974
Closing ceremony September 16, 1974
Officially opened by ---
Athlete's Oath ---
Judge's Oath ---
Torch Lighter ---
Stadium Aryamehr Stadium

The 7th Asian Games were held from September 1, 1974 to September 16, 1974 in Tehran, Iran. The Azadi sports complex was made for the Games. The Asian Games were hosted in the Middle East for the first time. Tehran, the capital of Iran, played host to 3,010 athletes coming from 25 countries/NOCs, the highest number of participants since the inception of the Games.

Fencing, gymnastics and Women's basketball were added to the existing disciplines. In addition to use of state-of-the-art technology, from synthetic track to photo-finish cameras, the Games were known for strict security measures due to reported threats from the Palestinians and a Japanese militant sect. Politics also played a major role. The Arab nations, Pakistan, China and North Korea refused to play with Israel in tennis, fencing, basketball and football. The Asian Games Federation conference, which was held ten months before the Games, decided to expelle the Republic of China from the games and accepted the entry of the People's Republic of China.

[edit] Sports

[edit] Medal Table

1974 Asian Games medal count Image:Asiad.png
Pos Country Image:Med 1.png Image:Med 2.png Image:Med 3.png Total
1Image:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg Japan725149172
2Image:Flag of Iran (1964).svg Iran36281781
3Image:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China324426102
4Image:Flag of South Korea (bordered).svg Republic of Korea15241554
5Image:Flag of North Korea.svg Democratic People's Republic of Korea1591741
6Image:Flag of Israel (bordered).svg Israel73414
7Image:Flag of India.svg India4121228
8Image:Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand42814
9Image:Flag of Indonesia (bordered).svg Indonesia34411
10Image:Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1949-1992).svg Mongolia25815
11Image:Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan2079
12Image:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka2002
13Image:Flag of Singapore (bordered).svg Singapore13711
14Image:Flag of Iraq (1963-1991).svg Iraq1034
15Image:Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines021012
16Image:Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia0156
17Image:Flag of Myanmar.svg Myanmar0123
18Image:Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait0101
19Image:Flag of Afghanistan 1974.png Afghanistan0011

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1974 Asian Games

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