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The 1940s decade ran from 1940 to 1949.


[edit] Events and trends

Image:WW2 TitlePicture For Wikipedia Article.jpg
World War II was a truly global conflict with many facets: immense human suffering, fierce indoctrination, and the use of new, extremely devastating weapons such as the atomic bomb. From top going counterclockwise: Allied landing on D-Day 1944, the Nuremberg Rally 1936, the Nagasaki atom bomb 1945, the Soviet flag over the Reichstag in Berlin 1945 and the Gate of Auschwitz.

The 1940s were seen as a transition period between the radical 1930s and the conservative 1950s, which also leads the period to be divided in two halves:

The first half of the decade was dominated by World War II, the widest and most destructive armed conflict in human history. So consequential was this event and its brutal aftermath that it laid the foundation for other major world events and trends for decades to follow. This war was also the first modern civilian war.

The second half marked the beginning of the East-West conflict and the Cold War, together with major social upheaval caused by the destruction of the war, the large number of refugees, and soldiers returning home and demanding government recognition for their sacrifice, especially in colonies of European countries, many of which gained independence.

[edit] Technology

]] flight in 1940.

[edit] Science

[edit] War, peace and politics

German battle cruisers in a Norwegian port in June 1940

[edit] Economics

Image:Marshall Plan.png
Map of Cold War-era Europe showing countries that received Marshall Plan aid. The red columns show the relative amount of total aid per nation.

[edit] Culture, religion

[edit] Others

[edit] People

[edit] World leaders

[edit] Sports figures

[edit] Entertainers

[edit] Musicians

ast:Años 1940 bs:1940te br:Bloavezhioù 1940 ca:Dècada del 1940 cy:1940au da:1940'erne de:1940er et:1940. aastad el:Δεκαετία 1940 es:Años 1940 eo:1940-aj jaroj eu:1940ko hamarkada fr:Années 1940 gd:1940an ko:1940년대 hr:1940-1949 io:1940a yari ia:1940s is:1941–1950 it:Anni 1940 he:שנות ה-40 של המאה ה-20 la:Decennium 195 lt:XX amžiaus 5-as dešimtmetis hu:1940-es évek ms:1940-an nl:1940-1949 ja:1940年代 no:1940-årene pl:Lata 40. XX wieku pt:Década de 1940 ro:Anii 1940 ru:1940-е sq:Vitet 1940 scn:1940ini simple:1940s sk:40. roky 20. storočia sl:1940. fi:1940-luku sv:1940-talet tt:1940. yıllar uk:1940-ві wa:Anêyes 1940 zh:1940年代


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