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The 1934 British Empire Games were the second of what we now know of as the Commonwealth Games. They were held in London, England. Seventeen National teams took part.

Image:Empire games 1934 countries map.PNG
Countries which participated


[edit] Participating Teams

teams participating for the first time in bold.

[edit] Medals by country

Pos Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Image:Flag of England.svg England 29 20 24 73
2 Image:Canadian Red Ensign 1921.svg Canada 17 25 9 51
3 Image:Flag of Australia.svg Australia 8 4 2 14
4 Image:Flag of South Africa 1928-1994.svg South Africa 7 10 5 22
5 Image:Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland 5 4 17 26
6 Image:Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand 1 0 2 3
7 Image:Flag of British guiana 1919-1954.gif British Guiana 1 0 0 1
8 Image:Flag of Wales 2.svg Wales 0 3 3 6
9 Image:Flag of Southern Rhodesia.svg Rhodesia 0 0 2 2
10 Image:Flag of Northern Ireland.svg Northern Ireland 0 1 2 3
11 Image:Colonial Jamaican flag.gif Jamaica 0 1 1 2
12 Image:Imperial-India-Blue-Ensign.svg India 0 0 1 1
  Medal Totals686868204

[edit] Medals by event

Six sports were featured in the Games – athletics, boxing, cycling, lawn bowls, swimming and diving, and wrestling. A highlight of the 1934 Games was the inclusion of events for women in athletics, with careful consideration given not to include events that were considered 'too exhaustive'. The running events were restricted to the short sprints and a shortened 4 x 220 yard relay instead of the 4 x 440 yard relay as per the men's program. Nevertheless this was a breakthrough for women in sport that would one day lead to full recognition and programming for women's athletics on the international stage.

[edit] Athletics

100 YardsWomenEileen Hiscock (ENG) 11.3Hilda Strike (CAN)11.5Lillian Chalmers (ENG)11.6
220 YardsWomenEileen Hiscock (ENG)25Aileen Meagher (CAN)25.4Nellie Halstead (ENG)25.6
880 YardsWomenGladys Lunn (ENG)00:02:19Ida Jones (ENG)2:21.0Dorothy Butterfield (ENG)2:21.4
80 Metres HurdlesWomenMarjorie Clark (SAF)11.8Betty Taylor (CAN)11.9Elsie Green (ENG)12.2
High JumpWomenMarjorie Clark (SAF)1.6Eva Dawes (CAN)1.57Margaret Bell (CAN)1.52
Long JumpWomenPhyllis Bartholomew (ENG)5.47Evelyn Goshawk (CAN)5.41Violet Webb (ENG)5.23
JavelinWomenGladys Lunn (ENG)32.19Edith Halstead (ENG)30.94Margaret Cox (ENG)30.08
110 x 220 x 110 Yards RelayWomenEngland (ENG)49.4Canada (CAN)Southern Rhodesia (SRH)
220 x 110 x 220 x 110 Yards RelayWomenCanada (CAN)00:01:14England (ENG)Scotland (SCO)
100 YardsMenArthur Sweeney (ENG)10Marthinus Theunissen (SAF)10.0eIan Young (SCO)10.1e
220 YardsMenArthur Sweeney (ENG)21.9Marthinus Theunissen (SAF)22.0eWalter Rangeley (ENG)22.1e
440 YardsMenGodfrey Rampling (ENG)48Bill Roberts (ENG)48.5eCrew Stoneley (ENG)48.6e
880 YardsMenPhil Edwards (BGU)00:01:54Willie Botha (SAF)1:55.5eJames "Hamish" Stothard (SCO)1:55.6e
1 MileMenJack Lovelock (NZL)00:04:13Sydney Wooderson (ENG)4:13.4eJerry Cornes (ENG)4:13.6e
3 MilesMenWally Beavers (ENG)00:14:33Cyril Allen (ENG)00:14:38Alec Burns (ENG)00:14:45
6 MilesMenArthur Penny (ENG)00:31:01Bob Rankine (CAN)31:03eArthur Furze (ENG)31:04e
MarathonMenHarold Webster (CAN)02:40:36Donald Robertson (CAN)02:45:08Dunky Wright (SCO)02:56:20
3000 Metres SteeplechaseMenStanley Scarsbrook (ENG)00:10:23Tom Evenson (ENG)10:25.8eGeorge Bailey (ENG)
120 Yards HurdlesMenDon Finlay (ENG)15.2Jim Worrall (CAN)15.5eAshleigh Pilbrow (ENG)15.7e
440 Yards HurdlesMenAlan Hunter (SCO)55.2Charles Reilly (AUS)55.8eRalph Brown (ENG)56.0e
High JumpMenEdwin Thacker (SAF)1.9Joe Haley (CAN)1.9John Michie (SCO)1.9
Pole VaultMenSyl Apps (CAN)3.88Alf Gilbert (CAN)3.81Fred Woodhouse (AUS)3.66
Long JumpMenSam Richardson (CAN)7.17Johann Luckhoff (SAF)7.1Jack Metcalfe (AUS)6.93
Triple JumpMenJack Metcalfe (AUS)15.63Sam Richardson (CAN)14.65Harold Brainsby (NZL)14.62
ShotMenHarry Hart (SAF)14.67Robert "Bonzo" Howland (ENG)13.53Kenneth Pridie (ENG)13.43
DiscusMenHarry Hart (SAF)41.53Douglas Bell (ENG)40.44Bernard Prendergast (JAM)40.23
HammerMenMalcolm Nokes (ENG)48.25George Sutherland (CAN)46.24William Mackenzie (SCO)42.49
JavelinMenBob Dixon (CAN)60.02Harry Hart (SAF)58.27Johann Luckhoff (SAF)56.49
4 x 110 Yards RelayMenEngland (ENG)42.2Canada (CAN)42.5eScotland (SCO)43.0e
4 x 440 Yards RelayMenEngland (ENG)00:03:17Canada (CAN)3:17.4eScotland (SCO)

[edit] Bowls

Event Gold Silver Bronze
SinglesMenRobert Sprot (SCO)W.S. MacDonald (CAN)Andrew Harvey (SAF)
PairsMenTommy Hills & George Wright (ENG)W.G. Hutchinson & A.A. Langford (CAN)Thomas Davies & Stan Weaver (WAL)
FoursMenEngland (ENG)Northern Ireland (NIR)Scotland (SCO)

[edit] Boxing

Event Gold Silver Bronze
FlyweightMenPatrick Palmer (ENG)Maxie Berger (CAN)Jackie Pottinger (WAL)
BantamweightMenFreddy Ryan (ENG)Albert Barnes (WAL)Thomas Wells (SCO)
FeatherweightMenCharles Catterall (SAF)J.D. Jones (WAL)William Fulton (RHO)
LightweightMenLeslie Cook (AUS)Frank Taylor (WAL)H.J. May (ENG)
WelterweightMenDave McCleave (ENG)Richard Barton (SAF)William Duncan (NIR)
MiddleweightMenAlf Shawyer (ENG)Leonard Wadsworth (CAN)Jimmy Magill (NIR)
Light Heavyweight Men George Brennan (ENG) George Holton (SCO) Sydney Leibrandt (SAF)
HeavyweightMenPat Floyd (ENG)Jan van Rensburg (SAF)David Douglas-Hamilton (SCO)

[edit] Cycling

[edit] Track

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Time TrialMenEdgar "Dunc" Gray (AUS)00:01:16Robert McLeod (CAN)00:01:18Ed Clayton (SAF)00:01:19
SprintMenErnest Higgins (ENG)Horace Pethybridge (AUS)Ed Clayton (SAF)
10 Miles ScratchMenRobert McLeod (CAN)00:24:26Ed Clayton (SAF)William Harwell (ENG)

[edit] Swimming

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 Yards FreestyleMenGeorge Burleigh (CAN)55George Larson (CAN)55.6Noel Crump (NZL)56.2
440 Yards FreestyleMenNoel Ryan (AUS)00:05:03Norman Wainwright (ENG)00:05:08Bob Pirie (CAN)00:05:15
1500 Yards FreestyleMenNoel Ryan (AUS)00:18:25Bob Pirie (CAN)00:18:28Norman Wainwright (ENG)00:18:55
100 Yards BackstrokeMenWillie Francis (SCO)00:01:05John Besford (ENG)00:01:06Ben Gazell (CAN)00:01:07
200 Yards BreaststrokeMenNorman Hamilton (SCO)00:02:41William McCarty (JAM)00:02:42Bill Puddy (CAN)00:02:43
4 x 200 Yards Freestyle RelayMenCanada (CAN)00:08:41England (ENG)00:08:53Scotland (SCO)00:09:23
3 x 100 Yards Medley RelayMenCanada (CAN)00:03:11Scotland (SCO)00:03:15England (ENG)00:03:16

[edit] Diving

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 Metres Springboard DivingMenJ. Briscoe Ray (ENG)117.12Doug Tomalin (ENG)110.5Harry Class (CAN)106.57
10 Metres Highboard [Platform] DivingMenTommy Mather (ENG)83.83Doug Tomalin (ENG)83.63Louis Marchant (ENG)70.64

[edit] Swimming

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 Yards FreestyleWomenPhyllis Dewar (CAN)00:01:03Irene Pirie (CAN)00:01:04Jean McDowall (SCO)00:01:06
440 Yards FreestyleWomenPhyllis Dewar (CAN)0.004Jennie Maakal (SAF)00:05:53Irene Pirie (CAN)00:05:54
100 Yards BackstrokeWomenPhyllis Harding (ENG)00:01:14Margot Hamilton (SCO)00:01:15Valerie Davies (WAL)00:01:18
200 Yards BreaststrokeWomenClare Dennis (AUS)00:02:50Phyllis Haslam (CAN)00:02:55Margery Hinton (ENG)00:02:59
4 x 100 Yards Freestyle RelayWomenCanada (CAN)00:04:22South Africa (SAF)00:04:34England (ENG)00:04:34
3 x 100 Yards Medley RelayWomenCanada (CAN)00:03:42England (ENG)00:03:43Scotland (SCO)00:03:50

[edit] Diving

Event Gold Silver Bronze
30 millimetres Springboard DivingWomenKanuby leevit(CAN)62.27Kanuby leevit(AUS)60.49Kanuby leevit (CAN)57
10 centimetres Highboard [Platform] DivingWomenKanuby leevit (ENG)30.74Kanuby leevit(AUS)27.64Kanuby leevit(ENG)27.36

[edit] Wrestling

Event Gold Silver Bronze
BantamweightMenEdward Melrose (SCO)Ted McKinley (SCO)Joseph Reid (ENG)
FeatherweightMenRobert McNab (CAN)Joe Nelson (ENG)Murdoch White (SCO)
LightweightMenDick Garrard (AUS)G.E. North (ENG)Howard Thomas (CAN)
WelterweightMenJoseph Schleimer (CAN)William Fox (ENG)Rashid Anwar (IND)
MiddleweightMenTerry Evans (CAN)Stanley Bissell (ENG)Robert Harcus (SCO)
Light HeavyweightMenMick Cubbin (SAF)Bernard Rowe (ENG)Alex Watt (CAN)
HeavyweightMenJack Knight (AUS)Pat Meehan (CAN)Archie Dudgeon (SCO)

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