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Centuries: 12th century BC - 11th century BC - 10th century BC

Decades: 1050s BC 1040s BC 1030s BC 1020s BC 1010s BC - 1000s BC - 990s BC 980s BC 970s BC 960s BC 950s BC

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<references />ca:Dècada del 1000 aC es:Años 1000 adC eu:K. a. 1000ko hamarkada fr:Années -1000 it:Anni 1000 a.C. he:1000 לפנה"ס nl:1009-1000 v. Chr. pt:Década de 1000 a.C. sk:0. roky 11. storočia pred Kr. fi:1000-vuosikymmen eaa. tt:MA 1000. yıllar zh:前1000年代

1000s BC

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