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The Savages
Image:Savages 1.jpg
Victoria Hamilton as Jessica Savage and Steven Brand as Richard


Genre Sitcom
Running time 30 minutes
Starring Geoffrey Palmer
Marcus Brigstocke
Victoria Hamilton
Country of origin UK
Original channel BBC
Original run 24 April 200129 May 2001
No. of episodes 6
IMDb profile

The Savages was a short-lived British sitcom starring Geoffrey Palmer and comedian Marcus Brigstocke. The Savages lasted only one series. It was written by Simon Nye, who also wrote Men Behaving Badly. It is not currently available on DVD.


[edit] Cast

[edit] Plot

Adam, a successful cartoonist with a strip in a national newspaper, and Jessica Savage, who works at a travel agents, are a modern young couple. They work too hard, they argue occasionally, they bicker a lot, and they are stressed out, but their relationship is kept together by affection. Their hyperactive young children, six-year-old Nicola and three-year-old Luke, are both destructive. Adam's retired and vague father, Donald, lives nearby on his own, after his wife walked out on him. Adam also has a brother called Mark.

[edit] Episodes

Title Airdate Overview
The Au Pair 24 April Adam and Jessica are exhausted, so they ask Donald to look after the children, but after taking them to the zoo he is a twitching wreak, so Adam and Jessica interview for au pairs instead. Meanwhile, Adam befriends a mouse and gives it cheese.
Books 1 May Adam forms a book club in an attempt to impress and outdo Jessica, who also has a book club. But while he says his club will read longer books, him, Donald, Mark and friend John soon have problems. Meanwhile, Luke keeps wetting the bed.
Learning to Cook 8 May Mark is thinking of settling down, and wants to show his new girlfriend how good family life can be. Meanwhile, Donald takes up the suggestion that he learn to cook and Jessica does some clothes shopping for Adam.
Scary Drawings 15 May Adam is becoming lonely and unproductive working at home, so he decides to go to a workplace and draw there. Meanwhile, Nicola is drawing violent cartoons.
Finding Dad a Girlfriend 22 May Adam wants a third child, but Jessica is uncertain so she agrees to try for one night only and let nature decide. Meanwhile, Adam helps Donald find a woman.
The Ex-Files 29 May When an old boyfriend called Richard (played by Steven Brand), who is newly divorced, comes into the travel agency, Jessica agrees to met up with him, but does not intend on telling Adam. When he finds out he finds himself thinking of his former girlfriend Barbara. Meanwhile, Adam is looking after some bouncy bricks for Luke's nursery fĂȘte.

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The Savages (TV series)

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